The University of Queensland Master and PhD Scholarship (Fully Funded)

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  1. Mao Mi says:

    I want to study at Australia .

  2. Niza says:

    I’d like to study in Australia

  3. Geography Department,Yenanchaung Degree College.

    • Abudu, ayodele Isaiah says:

      I’m interested in studying MSc geography. Please put me through. Thanks

  4. MARLON T. ANDRINO says:

    Do you offer Doctor in Management?

  5. Syed Ghulam Haider says:

    I am an agriculture graduate and want to study in Australia.

  6. Houng Ning says:

    I want to study in Australia where there is a superb university!

  7. Thet Hsu Zan says:

    Great! I wanna to join

  8. Aruna C Subasingha says:

    I’m an production engineer graduate. I want Msc study in austrailia. I’m sri lankan.

  9. zawminhtet says:

    I am electronic engineer. So I would like to attend phd in Australia.I am Zawminhtet.

  10. Asad Ali says:

    I done a bechlor in I.T means Information Technology So I want master in Australia is there any Scholarship then tell me I want to join bcz its my basically wish …. .. I hope you give me response

  11. Asad Ali says:

    I have done a bechlor in I.T department I.T means Information Technology So I want to master in any high five university in Australia is there any Scholarship then give me message in my email bcz I want to join basically its my wish and insha AllaH on day ”ll be complete I hope you’ve got my point and I hope you give me response about email ” I ”ll wait of your and …

  12. Jahangir says:

    If currently not enrolled in any institute then… we can apply. I am from Pakistan

  13. Kathy Nguyen says:


  14. Ahmed helmy says:

    I am assistance lecture in hydrogeology, I want PhD study in Australia, I hope you give me this study.

  15. Wasif ali says:

    I am plant breeder in peshawar university I want Mphil in austrailia

  16. munira says:

    im im master in public health and i want to phD study in Astúrlia i hope reply to me

  17. munira says:

    i want to full funded scholarship

  18. Navjot kaur says:

    I did masters in agriculture.. now I want to study at Australia for my Phd programme… replyyy

  19. Mutahar says:

    I have done Bechlor and now doing MA English From Numl university islamabad.i want to study in Australia.

  20. Sarmad Nazir says:

    What should be the minimum GPA or WASP in Becholers
    for applying in Masters Course

  21. A. Razzaq says:

    MS and PHD is offering in Software Engineering?

  22. Alabi Adewale says:

    I am interested

  23. Mahreen Taimoor says:

    I have masters degree in Gender and women studies from AIOU, Pakistan. Want to study in Germany or Austrailia, Please guide me what suitable subject and University for me which offer fully funded scholarship.


  24. Sherry says:

    What are the requirements?
    And where do I submit to??
    Thanks for this information!

  25. Tenny Kwelep says:

    Email mi the application for to

    I want to further my studies in Aussie.

  26. Shashikala says:

    I have completed my bsc degree with a 2.94 GPA, then I started my MSc I have completed its first year with 3.3 GPA, still I need to do complete my reasearch. As you can see I am not a very good student. Bt I still wanted to do msc in australia. May I be able to have this scholarship.

  27. Taimr says:

    Phd in economics?

  28. khalil says:

    i want admission to Ph.D in education , do u offer plz ?

  29. khalil says:

    nice offer !

  30. Mehran Tariq says:

    Sir I’ve done B.Sc with Zoology botany and now i want to get admission in M.Sc zoology in Australia where there is already a huge scoop of Zoology so sir plzz tell if there is any scholarship for me or any possibility of admission
    I have 65% marks in B.Sc

  31. Fenet tuna says:

    It is my hope

  32. Haliq says:

    I’m a teacher and I want to have a master degree in Australia..

  33. Hilola says:

    Good chance to study in Australia! Interested in it. Currently, I’m doing my master in Japan. My research related to Environmental Economics.

  34. Waseem says:

    Am m.Phil geography .guide me

  35. It’s a good opportunity for me to express my potentials, very interesting

  36. Resila Karipal says:

    I’m just graduated with a Bachelors degree in surveying and any streams for Geodesy that i can apply for

  37. arslan nafees says:

    Are you offering in marketing ph.d?

  38. Dianne rose says:

    I am a Social work graduate, I want to study masteral in relation to my course..What d I need to submit and where?

  39. Good day.
    Am currently studying at the College of Public Administration ,Western Mindanao State University and has been a Visiting Lecturer at the Food Technology department,College of Home Economics from October2012 to 1st.semester of 2016 with 3 subjects remaining in my Doctor in Public Administration, but due to am financially unstable now yhis drive me to be a part of this program if incase i maybe chosen . This program of your good institution is a great opportunity for us. More power.

  40. Dr. Omar says:

    What is the deadline?
    Is Afghanistan eligible?

  41. Cynthia Zindam says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. I want do offer my PhD in Economics. I already have my MPHIL in Economics

  42. Suhaib says:

    Please how to apply by this scholarship?

  43. Asinde Isaac Asinde says:

    I hold a Master degree in Soil and Water Management. I want to undertake my Ph.D study in Australia

  44. Abdulrahman Abubakar says:

    I want to study Master of veterinary medicine or any related course to veterinary science in Australia. Please, I need more light on that.

  45. Peter says:

    I have masters in agricultural education. I wish to study PhD in agricultural education and extension. is it offered?

  46. Dung Danboyi says:

    I am a Bsc holder in Economics and will to read any economics related course for Msc in Australia. Please how do I go about it?

  47. Legesse Begashaw says:

    I am senior hydrogeologist.I would like to join phd scholarship in Australia. Please inform me how could I get the scholarship.I am from Ethiopia.

  48. haleem says:

    is there any chance for Afghan student to study in this university

  49. Johanna says:

    I want masters in human biology

  50. Franklin says:

    Hello good morning please where do we submite the transcript and the certificate

  51. welishe moses says:

    I have a bachelor’s degree in education.can you offer me a masters degree

  52. Chrysogonus Tanko says:

    Hello, I have done a bachelor in Philosophy and wish to know if you can admit me for a Masters study on education. Thanks

  53. Baruch says:

    Is pure mathematics courses inclusive in the masters program

  54. Junior says:

    Am currently doing my Degree in management and economics and my programme will lapse this year, Am I still eligible to apply?

  55. JINSAR ALI says:

    I want to study in Australia .I have completed my post graduation .

  56. iskender says:

    İ have master değer in renewable energy so i m interested studying in Australia. PleASE contact to me

  57. Sadiq Adam Abdullahi says:

    I’m Sadiq Adam Abdullahi, I’ve a bachelor degree in accounting, I’ll like to farther with my masters on international relations if there any scholarship for it. Thanks

  58. Silayuf Lawrence says:

    Silayuf Lawrence
    I am a Bsc holder in Special needs Education, specialised in brail with the visually impaired. Is there a department for that in the University or other there. Thanks am waiting, from Cameroon.

  59. David Terna Horse says:

    B.SC in plant scince,how do i apply for schorlarship?

  60. David Terna Horse says:

    I will like to study in austrailia ,currently in Nigeria

  61. Zeru Yimer says:

    Dear, Sir/Madam I want to pursue PhD in Crop Genetics and Breeding. How can i apply ? am from east Africa, Ethiopia

  62. Mahmoud says:

    I am intersted to get phd in is availble this type of study

  63. ali says:

    can doctors apply for this scholarship also

  64. I’ll like to join .how can I apply??? . And I like to apply for psychology subject

  65. Charles Wanjohi says:

    AM interested in pursuing PHD in Business management

  66. Sarah sabbah says:

    Please I want to ask if you offer PhD in teaching literature I have master degree in teaching methodology and I have also academic experience for two years am from Palestine

  67. AUDU JAMIU OVIVI says:

    Please do UQ offer P.HD in any marketing courses or business management related courses. Thanks

  68. Rahmah says:

    I am a Nigerian and a graduate of Accounting. I’ll like to go for my MSc in Australia. Guidance on how to apply and secure this scholarship will be appreciated

  69. Mardit nalle says:

    I,m from indonesia. I want to find doctor program in agriculture economic and agribussines

  70. Sifiso Dlamini says:

    I am a primary school principal and would like to do masters in educational administration and leadership. Any age limitation in terms of eligibility?

  71. francis says:

    can someone give me links for undergraduate scholarships in Australia or Canada thanks

  72. wesley chikoko says:

    I have a BSc in Agribusiness Management
    I want to do masters in business or economics,
    any country……
    am from Malawi.

  73. Idowu Olaborede says:

    I have LLB in law and MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. Kindly advise me on which postgraduate program to apply for and how to go about it. Thanks

  74. Ogedengbe S Bamidele says:

    Want to do my master degree in law, how do I apply?

  75. Yohane Banda says:

    when is the programme starting?

  76. Yusuf rebecca says:

    I will like to study in Australia.

  77. I’m currently doing HND course in electrical technologie and will like to continue my degree programe in australia, how do i proceed

  78. Sana says:

    I want to study in austrailia…

  79. Sana says:

    I have two masters degrees in plant pathology and botany is there any schlorship for mphill botany or plant pathology?

  80. Emmanuel Iriowen says:

    A graduate of business education first degree and second degree, where can I fit in?

  81. Kope Stephen says:

    I am kope SEYIWA Stephen .I studied metallurgical and materials engineering on Nigeria.I will like to further my studies in plant design and process control.Pls how to I apply for this prestigious scholarship??

  82. Benny Lip says:

    Im really interested. How can I apply for it?

  83. Temitope says:

    I hold B Tech in mechanical Engineering, i will like to be on Sholarship for MSC. Am a Nigerian currently in Brisbane, Australia.

  84. Temitope says:

    I hold B Tech in mechanical Engineering, i will like to be on Sholarship for MSC. Am a Nigerian currently in Brisbane, Australia now.

  85. Esther says:

    I want one too in Hospitality Management

  86. Esther says:

    I want to study Masters in Hospitality Management

  87. Lovemore Gochayi says:

    I want to study in Australia. I have a B.Sc in Natural resources management and Agriculture (Zimbabwe) and M.Sc in Water resources management (Netherlands). I want to study a PhD in Natural resources/ Environment/Water resources area under scholarship. Currently in Zimbabwe.

  88. iqra says:

    I want to study at Australia

  89. Solomon Umukoro says:

    I will so much like to Research study for DrPH in Australia since I already have an MPH. Please tell me what to do. Thanks

  90. Erandi Narangoda says:

    I would like to join this.I am an English graduate in Sri Lanka

  91. Bene says:

    I will like to study in Austrália, my contact

  92. Atu says:

    can i go for PhD in computer science(cyber security, forensic and network security, etc )?

  93. Chukwunwike Emmanuel ATTAMH says:

    It is a great thing your are offering academics worldwide. I am highly interested in a PhD program in Technical/ Vocational Education ( TVET) if available.

  94. Chukwunwike Emmanuel ATTAMH says:

    I love your great contribution to academic development of mankind borders notwithstanding.

  95. Akaninyene Usoro says:

    Am deeply appreciative of this opportunity to achieve my dream of impacting the society and making it a better place for all to live in through your scholarship programme. I hold a Master’s degre in Strategic studies and interested in taking up a Phd studies in Development.
    Consequently having gone through your conditions for the offer of your scholarship, am constrained to enquire my prospect of achieving this on your school. And again to find out if your school runs such a programme. If your answer is yes, what are the steps u would wany me to take in achieving this dream.
    Am anticipating your response in this regard and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thanks for your understanding in this regard.

    Very sincerely yours.

  96. Damasus Udie says:

    I am a graduate of biology and I want to study my Masters on environmental management. I would really appreciate it if you would guide me through the scholarship procedure in Australia.

  97. tobi says:

    there is no link to apply to this school for masters

  98. I am currently holding an AS degree in Computer Information System. I’ve been planning on pursuing my higher degree in IT information System, like BS and Master. I am interested in knowing if there maybe scholarship to help with the specific desire. I like to take my study in Australia especially at University of Queens. Please if you know any information, please email me at my provided email address.

    Thank you all…

  99. Cuthbert Muradzikwa says:

    I am a registered general nurse in Zimbabwe and l want to further my studies in Australia

  100. Helena says:

    I want to apply for a master in educational you offer?

  101. Helena says:

    I want to study mastemaster in educational technology. Do you offer?

  102. Usman Modibbo says:

    I want to study Masters in Physical Therapy .

  103. maria kaynat says:

    I m ms chemistry .i want to do phd in chemistry

  104. maria kaynat says:

    I am ms chemistry .i want to do phd from asterlia

  105. Timoa Tokataam says:

    I’m a senior civil servant of Kiribati and have graduated with Baechelor of Laws (2007); Post-graduate Diploma in International Affairs and Diplomacy (2013); and Master of Governance (2017) all from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

    Now I have already developed a PhD proposal on Electoral Governance and Democracy in Kiribati.

    I would be appreciative of I could be given a chance to further my studies to undertake my PhD in the University of Queensland.

  106. m ashok kumar says:

    I am finished ME IN thermal engg I NEED TO DO Phd in mechanical decipline GIVE GUIDINESS FOR FURTHER PROCEES

  107. Joseph Timothy Before says:

    I am a Malawian who finished a BSc in Agriculture at Malawi Adventist University an affiliate of University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Kenya and I have IELTS certificate of 6.0 score. I graduated with a 3.21cGPA at BSc. I would like to study Msc in Plant Breeding or Msc in Biotechnology. I would be grateful if I could be given a chance to advance my studies to be undertaken at University of Queensland

  108. Isaac Biwott says:

    Hello, am a kenyan. Am on my final year of my msc summarizing on defending my dissertation in Msc Geogaraphy. For PHD in Geography do i need the IELTS exams? now that for my two degrees i have been taught by English.
    Thanky you.