ADBI-World Economy Workshop on Globalization and the Environment, Tokyo, Japan

The ASEAN Development Bank in cooperation with world economy is inviting for a submission of research (Papers). The research that the applicants must write about is related to Globalization and the Environment topic.

Nationality: The ASEAN Development Bank 48 member’s countries, including Cambodia.

Elements for research paper:

  • Must have never been published before
  • The research may consist of both theories and empires with
  • The research would also come with policy orientation, conclusion, and policy recommendation that are based on solid proof and analyses
  • You can either write about Asia economy as a whole, a group of countries economy or just one country economy

Topics of the papers which is not welcome for the submission would be about Trade, resources and environment, International investment and the environment, International migration and the environment, and Policy designs and reforms on trade and the environment in Asian economies.

Applicants of the papers will send their work to this e-mail:

Success applicants for this paper will be called for the workshop which will held on 26-27 September 2017

Where: the conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan

Coverage: The conference will cover applicants’ registration, flight, and hotel costs, plus a small lump-sum payment for one presenter of every accepted paper

Papers that will be selected in the workshop will be considered for a publication on World Economy or an edited book volume.

Deadline for the submission of papers: 1 August 2017

If you want to find out more, please check this official website:

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