University of Queensland free online courses on IELTS

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  1. Vorn Vireak says:

    i want to study abroad

  2. Yoen Huoch says:

    I want to thank giving for free this online cause.

  3. l really want to study foreign countries.

  4. Selfina Naibobe says:

    I want to involve in this course to improve my english

  5. Pann Ei Hlaing says:

    I want to thanks for giving online course for us.

  6. Su Yi says:

    I want to be good in english skill.

  7. Nant Eunice Si says:

    I really want to study other countries.

  8. Maw Wan Seng mai says:

    Really good for student who can’t pay money for IELTS course and who are living in rural area. I’m also want to go abroad for my education.

  9. Aku anak sma di solo yang takut guru sejarah says:

    Come on guys. you’re all so pathetic. no one will give a damn about what do you want if you are just write down a comment at this site and dont do anything helpful.

  10. zulkifli says:

    Saya ingin belajar bahasa inggeris dengan cepat dan benar, serta bicara yg praktis untuk melanjutkan studi

  11. Miyesuren says:

    i really want to study this IELTS online course. Because i wish study to in Australia .

  12. ma thazin htaw says:

    i want to apply foreign university

  13. vongmani SITHA says:

    i’d like to study in Australia

  14. Moon says:

    unfortunately, if one cannot afford, s/he can only stay away by looking through all these kinds of announcements. 😀 anyway, life is full of surprises. no one knows what will happen in the future. I hope for the best, cos God is with me and in me. I believe there is sth good behind it.


    I really want to study in AUSTRALIA.

  16. Nuraini says:

    I’d like to follow international conference in foreign countries in the world

  17. Anouar says:

    I want to study what can i do

  18. battsend says:

    I want to study this university

  19. Nur says:

    I want people can understand what I mean in speaking

  20. ono says:

    I want to study hard

  21. Trung Tran says:

    i want to study what can i do? thanks alot

  22. samrach says:

    Hi everyone, this an amazing course, moreover it’s free. You can join this course by registering online you can find the link in this article. Good luck and thanks for visiting our page. Make sure you share the page.

  23. Fitri says:

    i want to study what can i do? thanks alot

  24. Devi says:

    I want to study overseas, get many information around the world

  25. Joejov says:

    Is it truly free without any payment? I read the TOS, and I found that it would be payment for the registration and certificate. So, is it okay if I only take the course without take the certificate? Oh, about the certificate, is it means IELTS certificate? or certificate for past this course? Please response this comment.
    Thank you.

  26. mendee says:

    I really want to study in Australia

  27. V.pahirathan says:


  28. Joyce says:

    I thought this was for free. Why do we have to pay for like 100$ to have certificate?

  29. sakhi says:

    How I can sign up myself as learner for IELTS?

  30. Eria says:

    Is it still available the free course

  31. Estos Marewo says:

    I wish to take up the course

  32. Mohd says:

    I Want to learning

  33. I can sign up myself by my Facebook account to receive the courses available . Thanks for offering this helpful program to me especially we are in a country mostly poor and ignored Good Education values and lots of the marginrealized people in Darfur Sudan..I really appreciate these steps towards development for the citizens in the world

  34. Rabah Bouhaoua says:

    Dear,thinkyou for this email ITIS vert useful.

  35. Ghulam Sakhi says:

    I have been expecting since a long time ago for this golden opportunity.

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