Scholarship for ASEAN students to study in Australia 2017 is now open!!

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  1. Phaneth muth says:

    I am working with an NOG which working with the kids and I really want to know more about how to do better with my job and I believe that most of the thing are starting from the young people so I want to understand more how to help and educate people people from their young ages.

  2. Hem sangsin says:

    I want to study there because I don’t have enough money for study .

  3. Mr. Khokhen Insuvanh says:

    Hello, My name is Khokhen Insuvanh. I this course is much significant for young people and it fittable to me for upgrading my scale of knowledge and experience to serve the nation. As a law teacher I’ve been teaching for five years, it would be much helpful if I can joined to this programs and bring all of the knowlede and experience to contribute to my teaching as well as national development.

  4. riskha says:

    I really want to join this scholarship, bit my age doesn’t enough. And I also want to apply a scholarship in Australia but u don’t know how

  5. Asdar says:

    Hello, I’m Asdar. I’m really interested with this program. I’m an English teacher and also a branch manager of a course. I’d like to know more about my field because I believe that it has social impact in education. And so hopw that I can give my best for my country.

  6. Hi my name is AMERUDIN DIMALANAS. Currently to the department of education- armm (maguindanao) area..I am very much interested with this program…since I’ve been looking for a scholarships to fund my study…looking forward to be part of this awesome program….I want it to apply…plsss help me to avail this scholarships.. Thank you very much…

  7. Carlos do Nascimento says:

    I am Carlos Do Nascimento, I am from East Timor, and I was working with NGO plan inter. Base on Disaster Risk Reduction program with primary school teacher’s, local community leaders and student from 2008 until 2014. Currently I am working at oil rig platform just to earn some money. Can I apply for that scholarship and is Timor Leste eligible? Email me

  8. Rostiati says:

    I want to joit the course for improve my english language. So importen for me, but I dont have moeny. Coild you help me

  9. Joyce laura.H says:

    Hi my name is joyce an indonesian woman, i am interested to join in this scholarship. I have a dream to be an enterprenuer and have desire to open the small company for the suffering people who have no skill to settle their life, i would like to help them by teaching them how to improve their own skill. I would like to share my knowledge that i get from this schoolarship.

  10. Elis witin says:

    i would like to take this opportunity but my age is over..more than 40. is it.OK?
    I have been working with the children with autism for long time..and i to have more knowledge to teach them better.

  11. Hi,
    I am Emilio Vicente, I’m 30 years old and from Timor-Leste. I am very interested in this scholarship program. The following information is only a brief story about me; I just completed a study program in the field of economics and development studies. Furthermore, I also was working with NGO Belun (A National NGO in Timor-Leste) which is rather a long time as a Program Manager, and during the running of this job I have actively participated in developing the idea for the tourism industry, especially in Bobonaro District and maybe some of you already know exactly and have ever visited that today Balibo Fort Hotel (the oldest building of 300 years old who had been a Portugal military base at the time and which is later also became the basis of the fifth death journalists in the history of the independence of Timor-Leste) in Sub Disttict Balibo. How great this site and currently it is become one of a potential object in the western part of this region that is being continually developed and hopefully became popular in Timor-Leste. Unfortunately, I just left this job very recently and now I am just joining with the New Zealand Aid Program as a senior officer that currently working in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

    Therewith, can I get more information on how to apply and whether I am eligible or not for this study program? And it is would be great if you can let me know by email ASAP for my attention.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    With many thanks and best regards,


    I’m a civil engineer here in the Philippines working for the government particularly in the Department of Public Works and Highways. As much as I want to apply for the scholarship the requirements restrict me for doing so. If by chance can you lower the age limit to 24 so young individuals like me who have the potential can avail or apply for the said scholarship. Thanks

  13. Irmayani says:

    Hi.. my name is IRMAYANI… I come from Indonesia. I interested with this program… In actually, my current jobs are teacher and entrepreneur… I want develop my business and my skill in teaching… my experiences in teaching more than 2 years, approximately 3 years.. I teach students of elementary school and senior high school. according to my teaching experiences, there are several problems of my students and I have plan to solve it. in business, now I serve myself in BON (Balai Organik Narmada) or Narmada Organic Building, we are focus on edible mushroom cultivation. several days ago we have problems about the medium for cultivate edible fungi.. there are some contaminant in the medium.. I want know more about that and i hope i can solve it someday so that the production of mushroom become more good and. I like to study about entrepreneur and study about learning development…

    according to my little story, is it possible for me to apply for this scholarship…?

  14. Yamin Theinggi says:

    I’m now only 17.I want to study abroad.As my family is not rich enough,I want to get a full scholarship.I’m sure I can do well.I want to be a doctor not normal I want to be hyper.I request if you have scholarships suitable for me plz contact me.I not only want to be a doctor but also I’m interested in IT.I’ve a dream to get a diploma in IT although I’ve got a M.B.,B.S.So plz contact me.

  15. Yelika Maelissa says:

    How do I register myself for this program?

  16. Geraldo Magno says:

    Hello. I am a civil servant from Timor-Leste. I was working for Development Partnership Management Unit that always deal with all Development Paetners that provided aid and others support for Timor. May i apply for this program…
    Looking forward to hearing from your side.

    Many thanks and warm regards

    VCC 1886

  17. Dircia says:

    Hiii…my dircia i want to apply this program…i am from Timor Leste.I’ve dream to get Master degree in Human Resource Management.Thanks

  18. Albina Lemos says:

    Hy….I’m Albina lemos from Timor leste i want to aplly this program cos Thought this program can help we to Develop my Country.