Fully Funded Melbourne Research Scholarships (300 Scholarships)

22 Responses

  1. long Meanleap says:

    In my dreamI really want to have a chance to study overseas

  2. Abdulwahab Moalim Abdi says:

    When is the deadline of the scholarship

  3. Abdifatah dahir harun says:

    Iam applying PHD Account and finance

  4. pascal says:

    Am intrested bt i studied construction architecture

  5. Ankush says:

    I want to research as PHD for subject of Cyber security.
    Main subject -Ransomware Attack and defence

  6. Ankush says:

    Interested in PhD
    Ransomware attack and defence

  7. Obed Lubusha says:

    I would like study with you. PhD in nutrition and am a holder of MSc food science and nutrition

  8. Ratishh Bohara says:

    I want to do masters in sustainable agriculture and climate change.
    Is it available..

  9. Mohamed Kamal Fayed says:

    would like to study Master of Science in Aviation.

  10. Resina Qio says:

    would like to apply for Masters in Midwifery, is it available.

  11. Eric Ryan Ulufia says:

    I want to apply for Masters In Business Admin

  12. Desalegn Bacha says:

    I would like to apply PHD !!I have MPH in reproductive health!!please contact me

  13. Sena roba says:

    I wonder if you make me among the lucky ones

  14. kena Kelbesa says:

    I want to apply PHD in agriculture (Agronomy, crop or soil science)

  15. Mussie says:

    I heard you are the best To make people professional.i will apply.

  16. sam says:

    i want to know is there are any master scholarships for subject in remotesening and GIS technology

  17. Sanath Weerakkody says:

    I’m interested in a research project on Neuro PSYCHOLOGY.

  18. Habtamu says:

    I have received DVM from UoG in 2015 and now I am interested to study Vet. Surgery in Msc program! thank you!!

  19. Zerihun Sorsa Geleso says:

    i want to apply and get this great chance from your university please i am interested to study in MSC on medical laboratory department of hematology .thank you

  20. Sizwe says:

    Great opportunity how far does a diploma in TOWN & REGIONAL PLANNING get you where will it allow me in?

  21. Thapelo says:

    Wow great opportunity I wish I was qualifying. One of my biggest dreams is to go study overseas

  22. D.V.M.K.Samarasingha says:

    I want to do Master in psychology