Fully Funded Master and PhD Scholarship for Developing Countries in Germany

Relative Opportunities

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  1. Mubarakshah says:

    Please send me every day news about full scholarship

  2. Jamal says:

    thank you very much facilitating such program can assist people in poor countries who are not able to do their masters and PhD.
    Please share with me all the full funded scholarships
    Wish you all the best in your useful work

  3. KHAM IN SOU Khanty says:

    Gibt Trainning fuer Kurze zeit in kommunikation gebit
    gebe mich Information

  4. Andrew masongo says:

    Am interested in studying in cologne

  5. Haroon Wani says:

    I m interested to apply

  6. Divya Bhardwaj says:

    If a person is just graduated and wanted to apply for masters in germany, would he get the scholarship or not? Two years professional experience is must? And what is the procedure for this daad application and German language is necessary to learn or not?

  7. ravindra says:

    I have complited M.sc in medicinal chemistry in SRTM university nanded and one year industrial experience I can apply for PhD?

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