Australia University of New South Wales Humanities and Languages Equity Scholarships A

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  1. Tok Keth says:

    I really want to apply it. Can you show me how to apply it?

  2. Choun bunla says:

    That sound very good

  3. i want to first apply for an admission in australia before i apply for scholarship

  4. maryyapoe says:

    I am really want to apply it.

  5. Semwogerere rogers says:

    I am very much interested in this programme am from Uganda. How can I apply. My email I need a link

  6. Semwogerere rogers says:

    Can I get a university email

  7. Pakoyo Emmanuel says:

    Please, I would like to get a chance on scholarship. Thanks

  8. Sao Pechsocheata says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to ask what do you need to apply for this scholarship? Do you need IELTS? Or anything else?

  9. Okeyo Stacey says:

    Do you offer Bachelor of Commerce Scholarship for international students in Australia

  10. Delgertsetseg says:

    Hello, I have bachelor degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Also i graduated by Asian Executive Management in BYU-Hawaii. Can I aplly to master of interpreting and translation? Thank you from Mongolia.

  11. Wutt Yee says:

    I hope to participate this program.

  12. john says:

    I am from Myanmar. I am so interested like this program…